Embryo in tortoise egg


The Tortoise Survival Foundation currently looks after three ex situ breeding programmes.

Currently Platynota, G. Elegans and A. Radiata are part of the breeding programme.

In 2010 we succeeded in bringing over 30 G. Platynota broods to hatch, all of which are still doing well.

In 2013 we endeavour to put together a breeding group A.Yniphora and to add them to a captive breeding programme.

In the context of breeding programmes, “ex situ” means that the breeding takes place outside the  natural geographical habitat. “In situ” breeding programmes take place directly in the natural habitat. For A. Yniphora  that is on Ampijoroa, Madagascar, or in Pagan in Myanmar.

The Tortoise Survival Foundation developed various contacts to this end. These include the Chinese nature protection authorities, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Jersey and the Yniphora breeding station in Ampijoroa, Madagascar, which we were fortunate to visit in 2012.

Platynota Nachzuchten beim Bau ihrer Schlafpyramide Fertiger Schlupf G. Platynota Nachzucht 2011 Erstes Trinken nach Schlupf G. Platynota 2011 Schlüpfende G. Platynota Nachzucht 2011 G. Platynota Nachzucht 2012 beim Klettern Schlüpfende G. Platynota Nachzucht 2011