The species appropriate husbandry and breeding of one single Platynota brood costs approx. 500 Euro per year.

In winter the animals are kept in large heated  enclosures which require special lighting and heating conditions with UVA/UVB.

In the summer they spend most of their time outside in a large terrain that offers much variation.

There are also the costs associated with the daily care for the animals and for veterinary treatment.

Adoptions provide much welcome support for our breeding project.

You can adopt a tortoise for a period of one year. It costs 100 Euro per year and continues automatically for another year unless you terminate the agreement no later than 3 days before the end of the year. Pay directly via our PayPal donations account, reference “Adoption of Platynota Baby”. Following receipt of payment we will send you a certificate and a photo of your adopted tortoise. At your annual renewal you receive an up to date photo of your Geochelone Platynota including a report on its weight and other development.

We would be delighted to welcome you as an adoptive ‘parent’!